About 2E & Co

2E & Co. was launched after 30 years of creating custom designs for his clients with the goal to create a series of luxury jewelry lines to be available to masses. While maintaining the same quality and innovation we wanted people to be able to collect and pass down some beautiful time pieces to their children.

Our materials are sourced in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices. We purchase our diamonds and pearls from conflict-free regions, in compliance with all applicable United Nations resolutions.

Our team of designers use variety of studio techniques, from high-tech 3-D printing and laser engraving to traditional jewelry-making methods, such as wax carving and metal forming by hand. Before we begin any process we always begin at the rawest level; the pen and paper.


Tuy (2E) Gentry Buckner was born in Vietnam adopted by an American family in 1974 and spent most of his childhood growing up on the West Coast in Berkley, California.

After attending UCLA and The California College of Art and Craft for Graphic Design he found his true calling in 1999 in the field of professional jewelry design and shortly opened up a full service, precious metal casting design house.

Along his journey to now Tuy was fortunate enough to find his birth parents in Vietnam and the Phillipines; opening new doors and avenues of inspiration which has allowed him to build an international clientele.

Tuy’s innovative design philosophy centers around his love for puzzles as a child. Rather than jewelry just being a pretty piece each design is created to become a conversation; a work of art with thought behind every angle, every stone rather than one point of view dictating the beauty of each design. Incorporating his love for puzzles Tuy has revolutionize the traditional clasp through innovative techniques to creating seamless bracelets and necklace closures allowing each design to flow without interrupting functionality.

Adding to Tuy’s list of accomplishments, Tuy is a four time award winning Saul Bell Design Award contestant. His latest award winning design the Dragon’s Egg tells a personal story that reflects his life’s journey of reuniting with his birth mother and honoring his heritage.



‘This design was inspired by my Vietnamese heritage with a twist. I have always loved the mystical creatures of Asia. I chose to design a sea dragon from a dream. This design resembles my life in that I was adopted to America and then came back to Vietnam to reunite with my mother after 22 years. Does the egg come before the dragon? Or the dragon before the egg. Made Using 14K yellow, rose and white gold, a 1.8 carat diamond and several 1.3mm diamonds’